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Yesterday I went to “Hospital de Sant Pau”, an UNESCO World Heritage in Barcelona, hearing that it’s open right now from Feb 25 to Mar 16 for public (the entrance is for free). It’s from 11:00 to 18:00.

20世紀のはじめ建築家Lluís Domènech i Montanerに建築されたこれらの建物群は病院として使用されてきました。モデルニズム様式(他国でいうところのアール・ヌーボー様式)の代表的な建築です。サン・パウに関してはさらに窓枠やポーチの形などにアラブ文化の影響も入っています。

These architectures were designed by Lluis Domènech i Montaner (though not all of the San Pau was designed by him) at the beginning of 20th century. It’s one of the representative architecture of Modernismo (equivalent style of Art Nouveau in other countries). In this case, however, we can see the influences of Arabic culture in their porches and window flames, for example.




下の建物には最近「Casa Asia」(カサ・アシア)というアジア圏の国々との文化交流・経済交流を目的とした機関が引っ越してきました。

Each building has detailed decorations.

The hospital itself has moved to the new building behind these old buildings in the same site and these old ones have been under reconstruction work.

Recently, “Casa Asia” (an institution that aims cultural and economic relations with Asian countries) has moved to this building (below).




There is a gargoyle in the bottom but look these flogs of mom & son! I find this cute but the concordance in decoration is somehow missing maybe? 😉



IMG_7544 IMG_7546


Hospital de Sant Pau is located in 4 blocks from Sagrada Familia, which I wrote about the other day, so you can visit these two places on the same day!

Official Website of Hospital de Sant Pau (English)


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