Michelin Guide Tokyo, Yokohama & Shônan 2013: Three starred restaurant list


El guía de Michelin de restaurante 2013 de la zona Tokyo, Yokohama y Sônan (una zona de prifectura Kanagawa) sale el día 1 de diciembre, 2012. Sin embargo, hoy me he enterado los restaurantes de tres estrellas en esta zona así que pongo la lista aquí para la gente que quiera visitar a estos restaurantes. Comparado con el año pasado, no entró ningún nuevo restaurante a la categoría de tres estrellas y esta vez son 14 restaurantes en total (2 restaurantes menos que el año anterior) Son restaurantes caros pero si puedes ir merece la pena 🙂 Lo raro es que algunos de estos restaurantes ni siquiera tienen su propia página web y la mayoría no tienen paginas en inglés así que he buscado links de varias páginas donde puedas tener una idea de como son estos restaurantes. Cuando visitéis a estos restaurantes ya me contarais como os han parecido sus platos 🙂

Michelin Guide 2013 Tokyo, Yokohama and Shônan (an area of Kanagawa prefecture) will be released soon on Dec 1, 2012. However, I’ve just found the list of these three stared restaurants for 2013 today so I’m going to put the list here so that you can visit these restaurants. Compared with last year, no new restaurant has entered to the tree star category. This time we have 14 restaurants in total (2 restaurants less than last year) These restaurants are expensive but if you can they are worth trying 🙂 The strange thing is that some of them even don’t have their web page and the majority don’t have English pages, so I tried to put links of pages where you can have an idea of these places. When you visit these places tell me how was your experience 🙂


Azabu Yukimura (麻布 幸村) / Japanese cuisine (Tokyo, Minato ward)

http://90plus.com/restaurant/yukimura (Information in English)

Tabelog (Japanese,  you can see pics)

Ishikawa (石かわ) / Japanese cuisine (Tokyo, Shinjuku ward)

Zagat (Basic information of the restaurant in English)

 http://kagurazaka-ishikawa.co.jp/english/index_e.html (The restaurant’s homepage in English. Not informative though.)

http://vimeo.com/38259380 (Video of the people working in Ishikawa… surprisingly they are really young)

Tabelog (Japanese, you can see pics)

Usukifugu Yamada-ya (臼杵ふぐ山田屋) / globefish (Tokyo, Minato ward)

Fugu course dinner: 20,000 yen, 25,000 yen and 30,000 yen

Usukifugu Yamada-ya (The restaurant’s homepage in Japanese and English)

Tabelog (Japanese, you can see pics)

 – Esaki (えさき) / modern Japanese cuisine (Tokyo, Shibuya ward)

Lunch: 5,250 yen  Dinner:8,400 yen, 10,500 yen, 13,650 yen

Esaki (The restaurant’s page in Japanese. They don’t have English page)

Tabelog (Japanese, you can see pics)

 – Kanda (かんだ) / Japanese cuisine (Tokyo, Minato ward)

 Sunnypages.jp (Basic information of the restaurant in English)

Tabelog (Japanese, you can see pics)

Quintessence (カンテサンス) / modern French cuisine (Tokyo, Minato ward)

Lunch: 7,875 yen for 7 dishes    Dinner: 16,800 yen for 13 dishes (+ service charge 10%)

Quintessence (The restaurant web page in English)

 Tabelog (Japanese but you can see pics)

Ginza Kojyu (銀座 小十) / Japanese cuisine (Tokyo, Chûô ward)

Lunch: 21,000 yen  Dinner: 26,250 yen (+ 10% service charge)

Ginza Kojyu (Their web page in Japanese and English)

 Tabelog (Japanese, you can see pics)

 – Joël Robuchon (ジョエル・ロブション) / modern French cuisine (Tokyo, Meguro ward)

Lunch: Menu a prix fixe 12,300 yen, 10,000 yen, 8,000 yen, 6,000 yen

              Menu plaisir  15,000 yen

Dinner: Menu specialite 40,000 yen

                Menu degustation 36,000 yen

               Menu de saison 22,500 yen

(+ service charge 12%)

Joël Robuchon (Their web page in Japanese)

Joël Robuchon (Wikipedia in English)

Trip adviser (Information in English)

Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten (すきやばし次郎本店) / Sushi (Tokyo, Chûô ward)

Chef’s recommended special course: More than 30,000 yen (price depends on the fishes they get the day)

Credit cards are not accepted here

Sukiyabashi Jiro (Their web page in English)

Jiro Dream of Sushi (The owner Jiro’s official movie trailer in You Tube. This movie was released on March 2012 and  I really enjoyed it!!)

Sushi Saitô (鮨 さいとう) / Sushi (Tokyo, Minato ward)

Google +  (Basic information, map)

CNN travel (English)

Tabelog (Japanese, you can see pics)

Sushi Mizutani (鮨 水谷) / Sushi (Tokyo, Chûô ward)

Google + (Basic information, map)

Tripadviser (Comments in English, etc)

Tabelog (Japanese, you can see pics)

Sushi Yoshitake (鮨 よしたけ) / Sushi (Tokyo, Chûô ward)

Chef’s recommendation course: from 20,000 yen (+ service charge 10 %)

(in case of private room 2000 yen more)

Sushi Yoshitake (Their web page in Japanese)

Darindines.com (Very beautiful pics and information in English about this restaurant)

From Sep 2012, they have a restaurant in Hong Kong: Sushi Yoshitake Hong Kong (English & Chinese)

Nanachôme kyoboshi (七丁目京星) / Tempura (Tokyo, Chûô ward)

 Andy Hayler’s Restaurant Guide (Review in English)

Google + (Basic info)

Tabelog (Japanese, you can see pics)

–  Ryugin   (龍吟) / modern Japanese cuisine (Tokyo, Chûô ward)

28th in the S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurant in 2012

Couse: 23,100 yen (+ service charge 10% for table, 15% for private room)

Ryugin (Their web page in English)

Tabelog (Japanese, you can see pics)

–   Kouan  (幸庵) / Japanese cuisine (Kanagawa, Fujisawa city)

Andy Hayler’s Restaurant Guide (Review in English)

Kouan (Their web page but it’s temporarily unavailable)

 Tabelog (Japanese, you can see pics)

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