Nezu & Yanaka (Tokyo)



During this summer I went back to my home country and stay in Tokyo Metropolitan Area. As I found some nice areas to walk around, here I share my findings!


This is Yanaka (谷中) in Tokyo. The nearest station is Nippori (日暮里). My objectives of this area is to try sushi of conger (穴子寿司) and visit Nezu Shrine (根津神社). Also I had heard that there are cute cafeterias and shops in this area.


So my sushi place is this one Sushi-noike (すし乃池). While I was in Japan I tried to eat as much such as possible because the quality of sushi in Spain is not the same.


Conger was so soft (usually not like this) and tasty! I could eat even more! Definitely I will repeat it again. As my family ordered normal sushi of other fishes I tried them as well but I think here conger is the best!


After lunch we walked along a street called as Hebi-michi (へび道), sneak street, which is really goes zig-zag and along this street you can find some lovely small shops.


I really liked this antique shop named 谷中三清洞 (Yanaka Sanseido). You can find elegant Japanese porcelain here. I enjoyed chatting with the owner of this shop. She is really nice person who served me a cup of tea 🙂



This next shop is quite unique one because the only thing you can find is Japanese scrubbing brushes called tawashi (たわし) which we use to clean roots vegetables and utensils. This shop has very traditional tawashi made of fiber of a hemp palm and the brand is Kamenoko Tawashi (the web page is mostly in Japanese).


This is a second-hand books store Bangobooks. I didn’t have time and couldn’t enter but looked cosy and nice.


This one looks normal house but it’s craft beer place. I’m curious about the flavour!



The below is a bakery called Bonjour mojo2 (ボンジュールモジョモジョ). It sounds strange in Spanish but they have breads with cute faces like these.



I really liked this area because of this beautiful green and the fact that there is no skyscrapers which hide blue sky.


This is a cake shop ル・クシネ (Le Coussinet). They have very good reputations at Facebook and Google.


Around this area there is a shop called Imojin (芋甚), it seems that we can try really nice shaved ice here. Unfortunately when I visited they are close so I will try next time. This time I tried sweet potato ice cream in other place called Waguriya, which was pretty nice as well 🙂

Here comes Nezu Shrine (根津神社). This main building was constructed in 1706 by the 5th shogun of edo period, Yoshitsune Tokugawa when he decided his successor.


At Nezu Shrine, you can buy very elegant ofuda (御札) as below.


It’s very Japanese that in each month they use different follower of the season on it.



This narrow street with a lot of torii looks like the ones in Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto.


A lot of foxes at Komagome Inari Shrine.







I hope you enjoy this area which is not that popular for foreigners yet 😉

Nezu Shrine

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