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Compared to my country Japan with such a lot of snow these days, I’m feeling the arrival of spring in Barcelona with its temperature of almost 20℃! I even took off my winter boots and put on ballet shoes… but at night it’s still cold and I thought it’s too early to show skin.


Today I’d like to introduce a cozy restaurant that I found yesterday in the center of Barcelona (Gothic area), OCAÑA. I said it’s restaurant but it’s at the same time cafe and bar.


このレストランはバルセロナの中心街、Plaza Reial(レイアール広場)と呼ばれる広場の一角にあります。観光でバルセロナに訪れる方はアクセスも良いのでオススメです。

The restaurant is located at a corner of Reial Plaza in the very center of the city. Therefore, if you are a traveler, you can easily visit this place.


I recommend this place especially for the atmosphere. They reuse the structure of antique building such as columns and chandelier adding modern decorative elements (like the lighting of the entrance that you are going to see below!) and its comparison is very cool in my opinion.



I found some Japanese alcohol in the drink menu hahaha “Suntory Yamazaki 12 Years” ! Good marketing Suntory!



To my surprise, the lightings hung from the ceiling above my head were real candles! I could have never imagined this situation in Japan with a lot of earth quacks but I guess I can feel safe here right? hehe Actually the lighting from the candles make you feel very relaxed.



I tried a cocktail named “Wonderland” with some passion fruits in. Since I got a little bit drunken I forgot the taste but I remember it’s easy to drink and delicious hehe.



As it was Valentine Day, there were a lot of couples at the place… and there was this elder couple in front of me… it could be lovely to stay together with someone for such a long time!



I tried some mushrooms tempura with paprika & tomato source. Usually I don’t taste that much flavor of mushrooms but they were amazingly juicy.



I’ve heard that the hamburger (9 euro) is awesome with foie gras so I would like to come back to try that next time!

————- MORE INFO —————-

Official Webpage: (English)

Address: Plaça Reial 13 14 15, Barcelona

Free wifi  😉


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